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Do you need an at-home nurse?


Individuals with chronic conditions or who are recovering from surgery may need routine nursing care.

With a private nurse, there is no need to travel and long waiting time at hospitals or clinics, which can be costly, time-consuming and inconvenient.

These factors often lead people to put off their appointments and not receive the care they need, especially for those who live alone or have mobility concerns. This may result in health complications and hospital re-admissions, which is not ideal for the care recipient.

With our private nursing care, we deliver the care you need to your doorstep. 


Specialised Nursing Team at your own convenience


All our nurses have valid practising certificates issued by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB), and at least 2 years of ward experience. 


With the help of private nurses, have your nursing procedures done in the comfort of home instead.

With skilled hands and a meticulous heart, our experienced and qualified nurses will complete the nursing procedures with care, dedication and no queue time. Equipped with specialised expertise and knowledge, our private nurses can support you with medication administration on top of performing nursing procedures. 

Get your personalised nursing care in the comfort of home today.


Kelvin Ng,

Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience


Jeannie Koh,

Registered Nurse with 9 years of experience


Andy Chay,

Registered Nurse with 28 years of experience

Below are some of the procedural services we offered:​

  • Venipuncture 

  • IDC (Female) Change/ Insertion

  • Wound dressing Simple/Complex

  • Suctioning (Oral / Trachy)

  • IM injection

  • NGT Insertion


Price ranges from $150 - $350 (up to 30 minutes)

*Depending on procedure required, the price may varies.

Get Started Here

STEP 1: Let us know when is your convenient time

Thanks for your request! We will contact you shortly.

STEP 2: Schedule a plan together

Our team will contact you to schedule your visit/s and develop a personalised plan which addresses the recipient's health status and care needs.

Smiling Nurse

STEP 3: Nursing visit at your convenience

We will schedule our nursing visit to you and your loved one at suitable times according to your convenience. Once confirmed, you will receive a notification.

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